Infidelity among men is no doubt a big issue in so many families and have contributed to various broken marriages and homes, it is increasing and alarming in our society. So many situations within our surroundings leads to these unworthy act. In most cases it has become a tradition or a habitual act that men ought to cheat on their wives when such chance surface to them.

Living with your wife and children for five or more years outside your home country without visiting home not even for once can be sometimes frustrating , these creates in us restlessness, unhappy and uncomfortable state of the mind. Some people lived in Europe so many years while their parents, relatives waits impatiently for their return home, in most cases those parents died on the process, these makes our situation here in Europe to go from bad to worst especially when we don’t have the possibility of going home, I don’t want talk about the pressure they will give you at home regarding the burial ceremony, and we felt it more when we are not at home where the incidence happen, we may have only few friends or relation here who can console us, even sometimes they may live five hundred kilometers away from us. those things have a psychological effects on us. so many factors can lead to such situation which I don’t want to mention here.


Preparing to go home can be so exciting especially if you are going for the first time after staying so many years. Traveling home is a way to relieved us from stress and to free our head and mind, to have once a good feeling of belonging and a feeling of superiority among others, changing of a new environment, eating local foods we have missed for years, visiting old friends and relations. There is no doubt “Home is Home”.  But do we still humble ourselves to maintain our laid down trends of our culture and tradition. Most times when we are at home we behave like a bird that left off the hook. We feel we have the highest freedom of our lives without boarders. Despite how comfortable or how large we may be living in Europe we always feels incomplete and something missing in us and that is home. If we manage to pay our air ticket, send one car home and gather little money the next thing that crosses our mind is how to enjoy with the concubines we kept at home. Trust naija chicks they are already sniffing around waiting to catch fresh Yankee guys just to extort some piece of the hard earned euro, catch their fun, call you “mugo 1,2 or 3” drop you beside when the pocket sinks down, then go after other new arrival. We jump from one hotel to the other with difference woman, drinking alcohol and clubbing. This is for us an enjoyment whenever we fly down home. Eighty percent of the married man indulge in this act. How then can we control our sexual urge whenever we are at home? This is hard to stop if not impossible.


We left our wives and kids and traveled back home for a lustful and unworthy enjoyment. But I have some helpful Tips for the women on how to manage the situation, these why applied correctly will help their husband to curtail such unworthy act and control also their emotion I mean woman emotions.

# Buy him a good condom: as you are helping your husband to prepare his travel simple buy a packet of condom hide it in one of the bags, make sure you put it where he will see it the first day he arrived in Nigeria, I advised you hide it together with his cosmetics, this is because he always needs his toiletries first. When he saws the condom he will be shocked and confused, he will not be too sure whether you are the one or a mistake, when he call to ask you tell him jokingly that he needed protection, don’t allow yourself to argue with him, these will make him to start feeling guilt of a sin he has not committed.

# Tell him how you feel: try to call him as often as possible tell him how sexy he is and how horny you are since he left. Make some sex fantasies on telephone eg “baby I’m just naked laying on the bed”. This way it will make him to curtail most of his activities with other women making him to remember that he left a lovely wife, it will catch his attention, do that always before going to bed at night

# Make him to be jealous: in every relationship or marriage it is good to have admires that which I believe strengthened a relationship. Do what you are not used to do when your husband is at home, visit friends hang out with them and drink a bit of alcohol and let him know about that. Tell him how some men stop you on the way to talk to you. Do this to create a jealousy in him and distract him from from his concubines, in other words do that with caution not to take it so far to create a suspicion between you and you husband.







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