Pressure at home our big problem

Leaving your fatherland to another country in search of a greener pastures is sometimes turning out to be a disaster to so many people and a heaven for others.

Olu is in his early 30’s,  he studied accountant at Enugu state University of science and technology (ESUT)  four years after his National Youth service corps he was unable to secure employment in Nigeria. It is so sad that after  parents invested their hard earned money to make sure you pass through the four walls of the university at the end you still lives under their care. But who are we to blame in such situation? Off course none either the Nigeria Government nor the parents since it has been a tradition in Nigeria to learn the hard way which is “the survival of the fittest” this reminds me Thomas Hobbs theory of state where the poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes richer and the worst is the rich is using the poor to get richer. This situation for sure can force anyone to indulge in any social vices just to survive.

Olu wake up one morning after all night of thoroughly thought he decided to leave the country, how? Why? and where? he does not know but he only knows he had to leave. He called the parents to relate the idea of moving out of the country, the new development was welcome by the parents. The father choose Germany for olu as a good destination based on the countries economic performance records. Within a couples of months olu’s father gathered some money by selling one of his inherited  property to secure a visa for olu. A proper travel arrangement have being made and olu is set to go.

It was a  mid summer in 2015, every street of berlin was busy as you can see a lot of people queuing up to buy ice cream, others sitting under the canopy outside a restaurant, as I was heading to the bahnhof  to catch up my ubahn I notice a small  gathering at the corner of the street which makes it difficult to pass through the tiny street, i try to pause to see what is happening on my way to peep inside the crowed I saw a young handsome Nigerian laying on the ground unconsciously my heart skipped off immediately I don’t know what to think about, was he drunken? Did he had an accident? Or could it be that he fought with some junk guys in the bahnhof popularly known as “kollega” within minutes , my mind clocks to 360 degrees. I Summoned courage to break into the crowed approach him and ask in English “bros what is it?talk to me I’m here to help you” as the only first black that was present at the scene other people were staring at me like a moron. Ten minutes latter an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. I was forced to cancel my appointments and  follow him to the hospital. I remind myself of the popular saying “Be your brothers keeper” but how are we Nigerian maintaining this saying of being our brothers keepers? What efforts are we making to help our brothers who find themselves in such or similar situation?  Some will see a fellow black on the road coming toward his direction instead of saying “Hallo” he will throw his or her face to opposite direction. Despite the fact that we naija’s are not the best in terms of conduct and behaviour which has lead to so many of us being discouraged to render help to our brothers when they needed it, but ignoring them in a situation where your assistance is highly require are not the best. Don’t forget that when you are helping others you are also helping yourselves coz one day you must definitely be in that situation and somebody have to be there for you whether you agree with me or not that is the law of nature.

Back to our story, three days after the guy regained consciousness luckily for me I was in the hospital to pay him a visit again. I said “hello, how are you feeling now?” he answered “fine, I’m olu from Nigeria and I replied I’m Ken also from Nigeria . He started narrating to me the ordeal that lead to his present condition.

The story continues next week!!

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